Do not disturb. This sign is often times seen on doorknobs of hotel rooms. Obviously, the person on the other side of the door wants some peace and quiet. This kind of peace is superficial, one that is obvious and literal.

There’s another kind of peace most people aspire for. It’s peace of mind. Some people have peace of mind only when they are asleep. Perhaps this is possible only when they are physically tired or exhausted, and the urge to sleep is stronger than the need to have peace of mind.

However, having a disturbed mind will keep you awake night after night. Your entire well-being will be adversely affected. Your physical health will deteriorate. The longer this persists, the more extensive the damages will become. Don’t wait until the damage becomes irreversible.

Find the cause of your troubled mind. Trouble lies in the mind. Ask yourself what is disturbing you. Part of it is probably made up of fear, self-pity, insecurity, and failures, to name a few. All of these are products of negative thinking that pollutes the mind unnecessarily. Face your troubles with courage by casting out the negative feelings of fear and insecurity. Empty your mind of all these negative habits. Don’t leave your mind empty for long to prevent it from leaning back to the negative side.

Keep on casting out all negative thoughts by emptying them from your mind, and refill with positive and inspiring thoughts. Do this process as often as necessary – every time you think you need to. By repeating this process, you are practicing good habits aimed at keeping your mind free of negative thoughts and full of positive vibrations to achieve peace of mind. Ultimately, this habit will become part of your daily activities until you get used to it. Once you do, you will find everything you do to be positive based in an effortless manner.

You may ask, Just how do you unload negative thoughts and load in positive ones? One of the best ways to do this is by visualization. Picture peaceful scenes in your mind. For instance, you can initially picture in your mind a rainforest being battered by stormy weather. Branches of trees are vigorously swinging in all directions. Everything seems to be chaotic, just like a troubled mind. But storms don’t last. They move on. When they leave, sunshine or good weather comes in.

A troubled mind is like a storm in your mind. Once the problem is gone, you will have peace of mind. Try to build a strong foundation of positive attitudes so that when another storm hits your mind, you’re prepared to face it. This is similar to practicing positive attitudes. Going back to the rainforest on a beautiful weather, doesn’t it look and feel peaceful? This is how your state of mind should be – peaceful so that it can be harnessed to obtain an enjoyable life.

There are many other ways to generate a peaceful mind. Think of words that suggest a calm mind – words like tranquil (a tranquil sea), serene, harmony, and stillness. Read poems, phrases, and excerpts that suggest a peaceful mind. You can also join group talks where the discussion is centered on how to achieve a mind harmonious with peace, love, and happiness. If you prefer to be on your own, moments of silence can make you obtain peace of mind. The library is a suitable place to be in. Pick up a book that suggests peace of mind and you may be able to find other means to obtain your objective.