Facebook is an increasingly popular social networking site that you can use to promote your business. If you choose to set up a professional page on Facebook, you might consider some of these tips to promote your business.

1. Making connections

Presumably, your business has an online presence elsewhere – a website, blog, or some such. On your site, it’s a good idea to set up a link to your Facebook page and vice versa. That way, visitors to your site can click on the link to your Facebook page, and Facebook friends can click over to your website. Giving clients and prospects the option of finding you on Facebook gives your business a personal touch. Facebook is known as a familiar network where people can interact one on one.

Another key to making connections is to offer your clients the ability to share your information. You can provide the ability to use Buzz, Tweet, or another social platform to your information quickly and easily.

2. Content

It’s a good idea to have a plan as to what you are going to say on your Facebook page. This is your page’s content – the information you present to your clients and prospects. Make it interesting, relevant, and fresh so that people will stay when they visit and return for more content.

3. Interaction

It’s up to you as to how much interaction you want between yourself and your clients; but regardless, it’s a good idea to be consistent. If you want a lot of interaction, you’ll need to have interactive applications on your page (apps). These include things like contests, games, and special offers. Consider creating apps for your page, and your information has the potential to “go viral” and reach many people quickly.

4. Freebies

Interactive or not, business professionals generally agree that giving away freebies is a great way to promote your business. If you give away a few high-quality freebies, then your fans will be likely to purchase your higher-quality items or products you’re selling.

5. Advertise

You can use keywords from Facebook users’ profiles to give your advertisements a specific target. You can post ads to your particular demographic. This can save you time and effort, and really get your message across to your target audience or market.

6. Individuality is “in”

It used to be that conformity was the key to success in the business world – you had to wear the right suit, act the right way, say the right things, and so forth. These days, however, unique individuality is in. You can use your own individual approach to sell your business. So don’t hesitate to capitalize on what makes you, you!