Know the current market. The state of the economy and the auto industry will have an impact on your vehicle’s ability to sell. Right now, the economy is in poor shape. People are losing their jobs, getting pay cuts, and so forth. For that reason, consumers are looking to buy used cars. Do you have a good quality used car that you are selling for a fair price? If so, it will likely sell. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell a car you bought new four months ago for the same amount you paid, it likely won’t sell. Right now, consumers are looking for the best deals. If you’re for sale car is one of those, you are lucky.

Clean your car. When selling a vehicle, many sellers do not clean their cars. This is a very costly mistake. No one wants to buy a dirty car. In fact, a clean car can up your selling price, as it has appeal. To get started, remove all garbage and personal items from your car. Clean the dashboard, wipe down all doors, vacuum the car, and wipe the interior windows. For the outside of the car, run it through the automatic car wash once or twice. You may be surprised how much of a difference a clean care makes come selling time.

Take pictures of your car. Since you are selling a car on eBay, your buyer is likely unable to inspect the car beforehand. Some buyers fly to pick up their cars. For that reason, you want to convince them that you have a good, quality vehicle for sale. One of the best ways to do this is with pictures. Take many pictures with a digital camera. Upload the pictures to your computer and then the eBay auction listing. This is easy, just follow eBay’s step-by-step guide. When taking pictures, get the entire exterior of the car, the dashboard, mileage, front seats, back seats, and the inside of the trunk.

Write a detailed description of the car. Pictures are important, but so are detailed and accurate descriptions. Make notes when taking pictures. You may notice things about your car you didn’t before, like a small scratch on the driver’s side door. Aside from that, highlight the car’s maintenance history, any upgrades or repairs you have recently made, optional add-ons, safety features, and so forth. Most importantly, get the vehicle’s VIN number and know the car’s make, model, submodel, and year.

Decide on pickup ahead of time. Buying a selling a car online is tricky. You will encounter different buyers who have different wants. Some will want to arrange towing to get the vehicle, while others will want to travel and pick up the vehicle themselves. Whatever approach you accept, state the buyer is responsible for all travel, towing, or handling fees.

Advertise your car for sale. Listing your car for sale on eBay is good enough to get a sale, but you can do more. You can draw attention to your eBay listing. Find car websites with message boards. Many have bought, trade, and sell sections. Post a link to your eBay auction. You generate interest and additional traffic.

Finally, be prepared to handle complications. Selling a vehicle isn’t always easy. You may have a buyer on eBay who pulls out of the auction at the last minute, is disappointed when they see the car or someone who tries to scam you. Always use your best judgment. Avoid scammers. If a buyer wants to pull out because you misrepresented the car, you should let them, as it was who you were in the wrong.