Payday lending, since its introduction, has grown rapidly throughout most of the nation including England, Canada, South Korea, Australia, and many others. It even continually grows as some states and cities are opening their doors for the expansion of the payday lending business. And, to mention, one of those major states in the US that acknowledged payday loans as part of their everyday business is the State of Ohio.

The Ohio payday loans industry is now becoming one of the booming and controversial businesses in the whole state that it brought substantial concerns raised by thousands of consumerists, legislators, government officials, as well as regulators. It is reported that over the past few years, some of the commercial banks in the State of Ohio have greatly partnered with large Ohio payday loan companies or check cashing outlets just to fund Ohio payday loans originated through such entities.

It has been reported that at the beginning of the 1990s, most of the Ohio payday loans today originated primarily by smaller independent check cashing stores as well as pawnshops, which generally provide other services that are associated to check cashing. And, by the mid-1990s, these companies had largely segmented to involve some other regional or national multi-service providers of not only Ohio payday loans but also the other states payday loans along with the large regional or national monoline payday loans public and private bodies or agencies.

Speaking of the multi-service providers, numerous reports have noted that most of these providers had offered Ohio payday loans as a section of a range of several fringe banking services, which generally involve check cashing, money order issuance, bill payment services, as well as money wide transfers. And, those monocline agencies spotted at the State of Ohio, which have experienced sharp growth over the past few years, are now offering one product Ohio payday loans. It is even noted that in the State of Ohio alone, 800 Ohio payday loans stores in 26 states are now operating.

Furthermore, numerous researches and reports had also mentioned that during the past few years, a number of commercial banks in the state of Ohio have entered into partnering arrangements with both the large multi-service agencies and monocline agencies for the purpose of offering Ohio payday loans and products in the entire state, having usury ceilings prohibiting the origination of Ohio payday loans the stand-alone payday loan providers. In fact, there have been about a dozen commercial banks not only in the State of Ohio but throughout the nation that fund the origination of payday loans under the arrangements with either the multi-product or the monocline agencies.

Today, the number of Ohio payday loan offices increased and is even poised for continued growth. And despite some issues about the Ohio payday loans interest rates, targets, benefits, detriments, and some other matters that surround it, the Ohio payday loans businesses still continue to prosper. In fact, it is noted that in the meantime, those banks that partnered with third parties to offer Ohio payday loans are doing something to carefully assess the fit of the payday lending in the state with their strategic plan along with the evaluation on the dangers that are inherent in payday lending, the possible procedures and practices to sufficiently address all the risks, involving the compliance and legal risks.