Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most affordable and best-known remedies for any condition, whether it’s to cure anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve digestion or help to prevent skin aging. It can be used to soothe a sore throat, prevent a headache, freshen up the breath, alleviate indigestion, and even help to clear the sinuses.

So, what is the link between the skin’s health and the immune system? The link is actually quite close, but it needs to be explained that there are various elements in the environment, the foods we eat and the things we do throughout our day that can affect the skin. If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you’ll understand what I mean.

And how does the skin’s health affect the rest of the body? The same. So, what will the outcome be if we use certain ingredients together?

The link between apple cider vinegar and Acne. Just like Acne, the skin is also a layer of your body and as you grow older, so is the skin’s resilience. As we age, the collagen and elastin are broken down by the body, causing the skin to tighten and sag, which makes us look older than we really are.

The only way we can combat this is by using powerful and strong antioxidants in order to rebuild the skin. This is where Apple Cider Vinegar comes in. It contains strong antioxidants known as quercetin and catechins that help the body fight the free radicals and other elements that cause the skin to look old.

It is also recommended to use it as a topical application twice a day to your face to reduce the swelling and the redness caused by acne. The increase in the amounts of the skin’s elastin and collagen can help to diminish the skin’s roughness.

Does this mean that all Acne sufferers need to use apple cider vinegar? Well, no, it’s not necessary. It is however highly recommended for those who suffer from skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and others.

A lot of people are now thinking about adding pV to their diet because they are not only good for the body but also good for the skin. It is highly recommended to drink as much water as possible in order to flush the body of toxins and to keep the skin hydrated.

If you do decide to try apple cider vinegar to fight against the signs of aging, then it is important to check with your doctor first. The most effective treatments are not always the ones that people might have thought of.

We need to remember that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Take note that although Apple Cider Vinegar is very effective, there may be other ingredients that can cause the same results if not monitored properly.

The best thing is to try to find a combination of herbs and natural herbs that can be combined with the apple cider vinegar as a herbal remedy. Always remember to consult a doctor if you are suffering from any sort of allergies.