First things first, Sir Edmund Hillary was right when he said that the reason for his historic climb to Mt Everest is because it was there. Now, Mt Everest is the be-all and end-all for mountain climbers.

The following are basic steps to help you literally get on top of the world through Mount Everest.

Pack the necessities

These of course include medications, kits for first aid, a laptop, walkie talky, satellite phone, tents, mountaineering appropriate clothing, sleeping bag, water, ropes, trash bag, food, protection for your vision, sun-screen, oxygen bottles.

Be there in May

It has been shown that Mt Everests weather is friendlier during May. Prepare at least 6 months prior to your scheduled date of climb as this is the appropriate time to file permits and travel papers. You need to contact your Sherpa as he will assist you during your Everest voyage. Contact the Embassy of Nepal and the Washington DC Consul Office.

Train and train

Early on, make sure to take courses in mountaineering that would be able to teach anyone technique, routes, equipment, and survival lessons. Also, it is vital that you start practicing regular two or three-year climb in high terrain. This should include mountain face steeps, rocks that are rough and snowy climbs.

Get a check-up

As much as possible, be healthy and stay healthy. Get a complete check-up. Take note that you need to have arteries and veins that are healthy. This is so that the body finds it easy to pump blood to the muscles and brain. This allows your body to stay warm. It is also important that your cholesterol and blood pressure is down.

Get cash

Even if you are on a trip that you consider a low budget, this still means you need to have at least twenty-five thousand dollars. As much as possible, try going to corporations that might sponsor your climb in order to help cover any of your travel expenses.

Climb with trust

It is important that your climb is with those of people you trust and know. It is also advisable that the people you are with are those that have adequate and deep experience in mountain climbing. It is helpful for you to ask fellow climbers who are the Sherpa that is the most reliable and skilled.

All in all, the up-hill and down-hill mountain climb to Mt Everest is dangerous and risky. But once conquered and completed, it is an experience that will definitely go down in your life history as something that’s worth remembering. It is also worth it to be able to say that you were indeed on top of the world.