You know you want to start a home-based business but you don’t have the time to come up with an idea. Or the more you rack your brains the fewer ideas you come up with. Finding inspiration for a great home-based business is easier than you might think. This article will show you ways to tap into your creativity allowing you to develop some great plans for your business.

1. Have a pen and paper handy; how often have you thought of a great business plan, but when you come to write it down a few hours later, you’ve forgotten it? Make sure that doesn’t happen again! Keep a notebook with you at all times, that way you can jot down ideas as and when you have them.

2. Friends; ask someone who knows you well for their opinion. What services are they looking for? What do they think your strengths are? What areas of business do they think you should avoid?

3. Hobbies; although it is great to do something you are passionate about, and there is little doubt this will keep your enthusiasm for your home-based business at an optimum level, stop and think first. Are there enough people who share your hobby? Would they be likely to use the product or service you are offering? If the answer is no then it’s time for a rethink.

4. Longevity; will your business have year-round appeal? If you are planning to sell deckchairs then you may need to think of something else to do in the winter months.

5. Read; books and articles about how businesses started out are always useful. Gather information about how they set about building their businesses. Even if they are in different fields, it can still have relevance to setting up your home-based business.

6. Look around; look at the types of local businesses you have in your area. Your home-based business may be completely different, but thinking about the way other businesses operate will give you ideas for yours.

7. Walk around; take a walk around your neighborhood. What do people do? What products or services are missing from your area? Could your home-based business plug the gaps?

8. Trade Fairs; it is worth keeping an eye out for trade fairs in your local area. Go and visit these. They will provide you with an opportunity to talk to people already doing what you want to do. They can provide you with information about how they started out and pitfalls to avoid.

9. Look at your experiences; take a look at your CV. Although the motivation for starting your home-based business may be to move right away from the job you’re in at the moment, it is useful to think about what skills and training you have at the gained. Could these provide a starting point for your business?

10. Money; realistically your choice will be influenced by how much capital you have available. Overstretching yourself financially is not a good idea. Be realistic about the type of business you can afford to have. You can always start small and build as capital becomes available.

In short, make your home-based business your priority. Keep it in the forefront of your mind as you go about your daily routine. That way as you look around and people watch you can take your initial ideas and allow them to develop.