It is incredible to me to see how many businesses operate with a mindset that gives every indication they do not want to succeed. These businesses operate from a position of weakness and essentially live off the charity of a few friends, family, and business associates who purchase from these businesses out of a sense of grudging pity.

These businesses do not have the best price. They may not even have the best product, but somehow they hang on wondering why it is so hard for them to be successful.

There are also businesses that operate from a position of strength. Interestingly many of these businesses do not have significant capital, they may not be household names, yet their sites continue to garner customers who are very satisfied with their shopping experience.

When you operate from a position of strength you are telling your customers that you believe in your product and you believe in their ability to make an informed decision.

When you operate from a position of weakness you are telling any who will listen that you are simply trying to make a living and if they don’t buy from you then you’re probably not going to be around next month.

Operating from a position of strength gives your customers the freedom to really explore the product and be comfortable with their purchase. Operating from a position of weakness gives your customers a feeling of guilt and makes them feel a bit squeamish about making a purchase they may not really want.

A position of strength isn’t about power and money as much as it is about a passion for the product and a desire to help people.

A position of weakness is all about money, but generally lacks any real passion for the product and very little desire to help anyone other than themselves.

One of the reasons I think some businesses choose to operate from a position of weakness is because it seems like the path of least resistance when times are hard. If you can throw something together online and then send emails to friends, family, and associates with the inference that this may be the only way you are able to succeed it may result in immediate sales. However, most of those sales will be charity-driven.

When a business chooses to take their time, develop a quality website, and then look to serve the customer in spite of any personal difficulties the long-term result is a customer base that enjoys working with you and can enjoy the product because it really was something they wanted.

If you are considering an online business I would encourage you to look at doing your best to operate from a position of strength. You will likely be more successful and have customers that are more satisfied. You might even find your own mood-improving dramatically.