This is a good question, why would anyone want to eat just vegetables?

Your body is your motor so to speak, your life source, and what we put into it is clearly visible through your measure of health, well-being and longevity. We all strive to live a quality life and age gracefully, so why not feed it foods that will aid us on our journey.

So why is it that In our Western society, a common nutritional belief is that meat and animal products must be consumed in order to maintain a well-balanced, muscle-building healthy diet.

As more and more studies are coming up about the detrimental aspects of non-vegetarian food, many people are anxious to know how they can stay healthy without giving up their favorite non-vegetarian delicacies.

One reason why eating a vegetarian diet is considered healthy is to keep up a healthy level of vitamin B complex and vitamin C, it is important to eat fruits and vegetables in adequate quantities to prevent any deficiency from coming up.

If you have children, you may be wondering if a vegetarian diet is a sustainable, healthy choice for your child.

Well, you could consider this, Vitamin B-12, which exists in meat, dairy, eggs, and poultry and is essential in the development of red blood cells and a healthy central nervous system. A major benefit of the vegetarian diet is that it tends to involve a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains.


There’s this, nutritional research has shown that a vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients necessary for the development of a healthy child.

Here’s another interesting thought, animal foods are so high in protein that non-vegetarians can easily exceed the upper limit recommended for protein intake, which is 4. Obesity, one of the major health concerns in this country, can be addressed with a vegetarian diet, one that eliminates excess protein and animal fat consumption, and increases fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

And some animal rights’ movement fanatics, who are dedicated vegetarians won’t even eat in restaurants that serve animal products. As you can see, some people take it to the extreme.

Here’s another interesting point on teens and vegetarian diets, Nutrients that are usually supplied by meat, dairy, and egg products must be worked back into a teen’s diet to meet the recommended dietary allowance for protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin B12. Therefore, it is important to limit the quantity of non-vegetarian food products that may contain preservatives.

And what about the theory about our planet, in addition to doing good for our planet, you’ll enjoy great health benefits by including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables should be well mashed or puréed. Guacamole, a Relish plate of sliced vegetables (Crudit’s) and White wine.

Here’s a little story, one vegan reports that she was assured before the cruise that her diet would be no trouble; however, all she could actually eat was bread, lettuce, and an occasional baked potato. PETA along with the fervent efforts made by many organizations has raised the awareness of the public and interestingly encouraged them to tread on the path of trendy vegetarianism or prompted them to go all vegan, despite.

What about the other family members?

Don’t change everything — your new vegetarian still needs to come to family meals and take responsibility for the time it takes to eat and plan vegetarian meals. When you know-how, it doesn’t take any longer to whip up a meal of vegetables, of some very tasty main course.